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Fielding Elementary School

Peach Jar

  Scott Hunsaker Jeriann  
Scott Hunsaker 50 West Main
Principal Fielding, Utah 84311
Jeriann Stevenson Phone (435) 458-2700
Secretary Fax (435) 458-2702

The Fielding School Newsletter and Lunch/Breakfast Menues are now found by clicking on                                                       the "PEACHJAR" button above!

Principal’s Corner:

Here we are to January already.  I like school very much this time of year.  There are fewer distractions (as fun as they are) than in the fall.  It is also cold in general so being in school and learning is something productive to do.  Basically the next weeks are when students do the most learning. 

We have a dedicated faculty and staff at Fielding.  We also love working with your children each day.  Be sure to express your appreciation to your child’s teacher.  We are fortunate to work in such a great community.  Your students are very well behaved and come to school better prepared compared with other schools in the area.  Thanks for all you do as parents to support the school by sending us such amazing students.

I’m looking to a very productive winter with lots of teaching and learning.  


Scott Hunsaker, Principal

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