Color Run

Fielding Elementary School families! We are excited to kick off our Fielding Panther Fun Run on 03/22/2023. Our goal is to raise $30,000 for prizes, activities, field trips, and rewards for students and staff and to strengthen our school community. Our school has always relied on fundraising to provide exceptional opportunities to enhance student learning and we need YOUR HELP registering your student(s) and sharing with friends and family. Mark your calendars for the Fielding Panther Fun Run fundraiser kicking off soon! Key dates to remember: ● REGISTRATION OPENS - 03/08/2023 Register on MYBOOSTER.COM ● Fielding Panther Fun Run Kick Off - 03/22/2023 ● Event Day - 03/31/2023 We are grateful for our Fielding Elementary School family! Thank you for your support this year.